- Introduction To Book -
"The Truth and Unity of Man"
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
(may God be pleased with Him)


"I do no normally speak about politics or concern myself with politics.  My work is to serve God and to advise my children with wisdom, so that they can live in peace and unity.  This is the duty God has placed upon me."

"However, I find it necessary to write at this time, because today some parts of the world have forgotten God and are heading towards destruction ..."

"My wisdom, my heart, and my conscience prompt me to write these letters.  If there are any faults, please forgive me.  Amen.

"May God protect each one of us.  Amen."

Signed: His Holiness, M. R. Bawa  Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him)

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